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5 steps for delegating your newsletter to a virtual assistant

Newsletter design, creation, setup and distribution to your list of contacts seems an easy task, but may consume significant amount of time. Delegating this work to a virtual assistant can be effective, and will allow you to obtain the benefits of having a newsletter without having to go through all the work it entails to set it up and keep it running.

Newsletters are an effective way to communicate, have a small cost compared to other means of communication and can be used to improve brand awareness. Advertising news products, special events, discounts, keeping your brand in touch with clients and much more are some examples of goals that can be defined for a newsletter.

A virtual assistant with experience on newsletter creation may be of significant help in the process. If you define the goal of your newsletter, what the call to action will be, and some guidelines on the content you want to communicate a virtual assistant with experience will be able to sort out the rest, such as:

- Create a nice design for the newsletter

- Suggest a platform to use based on your needs and budget (Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Wishpond, etc.)

- Actually create the content. Yes! You can’t go around the web copying stuff to put into a newsletter if you really want to have a decent newsletter sent to your customers and prospects

- Setup your account on a newsletter platform

- Create personalized content (i.e. using each person’s name or helping you segment your audience to add segmented content)

- Create your newsletter in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act (mayor law regulating the commercial use of e-mails)

- Repeat the process on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly frequency as needed.

So, having considered the work that a VA can do for you, here are the steps to actually delegate the creation of your newsletter to a virtual assistant:

1. Define the goal of your newsletter to your VA.

2. Define topics to research and share any trusted sources of information you already have. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, ask your VA to find sources of information with relevant authority on the topic you have chosen.

3. Define the frequency of your newsletter and when it should be sent, i.e. twice per week to be sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4. Ask your VA to create a design based on your goals and audience for you to approve or request changes.

5. Review first draft, request any changes as needed and approve for sending out.

It will normally take a VA at least two newsletters to get the hang of what you want to see. After you have fine-tuned the details you can lay back and start receiving each drafts for your approval before it’s sent out.

If you would like to delegate the creation and management of a newsletter for your business, feel free to try out a Free-trial with us by clicking here.

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